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INTECH wins project for digitalizing field services management for a major utilities company in the Middle East

INTECH has landed a project for digitalizing field services & work order management by deploying its Field Operations Management Software (FOMS) for a major utilities provider in the Middle East.

The client on this project has a nationwide distribution network and is currently utilizing a manual dispatcher work order management system to manage thousands of personnel across multiple sites throughout the country.

INTECH’s Field Operations Management Software will help the client to migrate to a digitalized and centralized platform. Specifically tailored to the client’s unique context, it will enable the field personnel to not only get rid of inefficiencies that are inherently present in a manual work order system but also capitalize on the enhanced collaboration, visibility, and safety that INTECH’s Field Operations Management Software brings.

Through its deployment, INTECH’s Field Operations Management Software’s bespoke work-flow engine will help the client integrate, manage, and generate work orders against outage & non-outage maintenance requests from ERP & Safety management systems. The software will also manage the completion of work orders from initiation, approvals, switching program tracking, posting dispatcher updates from the field, and posting back in the system and ERP, thereby providing a comprehensive field services management solution for network operators working on transmission assets. The application provides a comprehensive user dashboard to efficiently manage various incoming work tasks and schedule the technicians’ jobs accordingly.

About INTECH’s Field Operations Management Software:

INTECH Field Operations Management Software can help you manage your O&M and empower your field personnel through a bespoke workflow engine, on-the-go analytics, and seamless integration with existing systems. You can also reap all the benefits of a fully integrated digital twin as well as continuously improve your field services through enhanced visibility and centralized knowledge management.


INTECH Process Automation is a globally renowned system integrator and industrial automation company. For nearly 30 years we have helped major oil & gas companies solve their most pressing issues of instrumentation, control, and electrical automation. INTECH’s diversified automation solution portfolio, technical skills, knowledge, and expertise on equipment from all major OEMs, and our asset-application specific approach to solution design are what differentiates us from a typical system integrator.

As the world moves towards Industry 4.0, we move along with it and since late 2016, we have focused on building up our expertise on Industrial IoT and related digitalization solutions. We are gradually shifting from a project-based solution provider to a partnership-based solution provider. We have started working closely with our technology and platform partners as well as clients to build long-term relationships where we work together to solve problems and provide solutions that are cost-efficient, time-efficient, and bring the best of what everyone can offer.

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