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INTECH wins project to modernize control systems at a major LNG plant in West Africa

INTECH has been awarded a project to modernize control systems at a major LNG plant in West Africa.

This initiative aligns with the client’s overarching strategy to modernize control systems across various segments within the plant due to the challenges posed by obsolescence and discontinued OEM support. Leveraging its extensive experience in driving control system upgrade initiatives across the region and familiarity with the facility due to previous upgrade projects at the facility, INTECH emerged as the integrator of choice for this project.

This project marks an opportunity for INTECH to not only modernize the existing control systems but also sets the stage for potential enhancements to critical infrastructure within the facility. By implementing cutting-edge control technology, INTECH aims to help the client in fortifying the facility against obsolescence, ensuring it remains equipped with the latest advancements in control technology. The solution provided by INTECH boasts robust capabilities to operate effectively in extreme environments, significantly enhancing the reliability and availability of the systems. Moreover, the implementation of a faster and more secure network is set to guarantee seamless and uninterrupted operations, mitigating concerns related to unforeseen downtimes within the facility.

About INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems (ICS) Solutions

INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems offer a complete array of vendor-neutral control automation and integration solutions ranging from basic Process Control, Safety, F&G, and Power Management applications to data networks, site security, instrument management, and fully integrated control and safety systems. Our third-party start-up and commissioning services ensure minimum downtime and accelerated glitch-free execution. INTECH’s ICS is a “One-Stop Automation Solution” that improves plant safety, reliability, and efficiency while lowering costs and increasing returns.

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INTECH Process Automation is a globally renowned system integrator and industrial automation company. For nearly 30 years we have helped major oil & gas companies solve their most pressing issues of instrumentation, control, and electrical automation. INTECH’s diverse automation solution portfolio, technical skills, knowledge, and expertise on equipment from all major OEMs, and our asset-application specific approach to solution design are what differentiates us from a typical system integrator.

As the world moves towards Industry 4.0, we move along with it and since late 2016, we have focused on building up our expertise on Industrial IoT and related digitalization solutions. We are gradually shifting from a project-based solution provider to a partnership-based solution provider. We have started working closely with our technology and platform partners as well as clients to build long-term relationships where we work together to solve problems and provide solutions that are cost-efficient, time-efficient, and bring the best of what everyone can offer.

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