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INTECH’s 2023 in the US – A year of remarkable strides in enabling energy transition

As INTECH’s Houston Center of Excellence for Energy Transition bids adieu to 2023, it seems like the most opportune moment to reflect on the journey through the year as a preamble to a very promising 2024. We are poised, with an even more pronounced commitment, to continue our transformative journey while enabling the transition towards green fuels and clean energy.

Throughout the year, INTECH made remarkable strides in the energy transition landscape, participating in groundbreaking projects in carbon capture, green fuels, and renewable energy. These projects, while a remarkable step forward for us as an organization, also represented the trust in our expertise and technologies by the leading end-users in the industry. Their trust helped us to be recognized as the automation partner of choice for energy transition projects.

From being awarded the automation scope for the largest DAC plant in history, which will remove one million metric tons of atmospheric CO2 annually in a monumental low carbon push, to opening up an entirely new segment for our technologies in Green Hydrogen with a MAC scope win, we hope that our contributions were instrumental in transforming the energy landscape, leveraging cutting-edge automation technologies to pave the way for a sustainable future.

The journey ahead holds the promise of further innovation, backed by a collaborative spirit for deeper and meaningful partnerships, to tackle the challenges and capitalize on opportunities that lie ahead in 2024. As we look forward to the year ahead, we remain committed to amplifying our impact in driving positive change in the energy sector while playing a pivotal role with our clients & partners in shaping a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

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