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IN Kazakhstan

Maximizing the potential of Kazakhstani Oil & Gas assets through technological innovation & local content development

Trusted automation partner for the biggest oil & gas producers in Kazakhstan

Enabling state-of-art automation and asset optimization for energy companies in Kazakhstan since 2002

Based in Atyrau, INTECH Kazakhstan has a long and proud history of providing comprehensive technology solutions to the biggest oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan.

In approximately 20 years, our Kazakhstani team has compiled an excellent list of successfully executed projects. Our work on some of the biggest projects with major companies active in the region stands as testimony to our expertise in the domain.

Since the beginning, we have been actively promoting and employing local Kazakhstani talent. Our continuing training programs enable us to work on the most advanced technologies and thereby lead the competition in the region.

Active in Kazakhstan
since 2002

projects completed

facilities automated

Active promotion of
Kazakhstani talent

Panels Delivered

High-impact Projects' Timeline

A timeline of our successful projects in Kazakhstan that made a difference

ICSS Upgrade Project for Metering Station Manifold

Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Supply of PCS PLC, SIS PLC, UPS & RIE Building for upgrade

Wellhead Solutions Upgrade Project

Design, Engineering, and Supply of new Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with PCS, SIS/F&G, UPS, and HVAC systems, and other equipment

Provision of wellhead control systems

Design, Engineering, Fabrication, & Supply of 14 Wellhead Control Systems including Hydraulic-Pneumatic System, Control & Safety PLC

ICSS Upgrade for Metering Station

End to end services for the replacement of obsolete systems and installation of new systems; including PCS, SIS, UPS, and RTU building at the customer's site

PAS Cabinets for Remote Instrumentation Enclosures

Procurement and Supply of 24 PAS Cabinets for Supplementary Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs)

RTU Upgrade for Metering Station at Oilfield

Design, engineering, testing, supply, and commissioning of PCS PLC, SIS PLC, UPS & RTU building for Tengiz field

Oilfield Metering Stations Upgrade

Design, engineering, testing, supply, and commissioning of Red CLX PCS, SIL2 HIMA SIS, and LER building

Process control and safety systems for Water Injection System Upgrade (WISU) project

Design, engineering, testing, supply, and commissioning of PCS, ESD, and HMI

Integrated Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for Debottlenecking Project

Design Supply and Engineering of PLC, SIS, F&G, and Packaged Control Room & E-Building and associated Communications

Integrated Package for CFM PLCU Project

Design Supply and Engineering of Integrated Package for CFM PLCU Packaged Control Room & E-Building, PLC, Electrical Equipment, Hot Cutover services

Wellhead Control Panels for Oil field

Engineering, Design, Supply of 8 Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panels, RTU, PLC, ESD

8 wellhead control panels with RTUs and Safety systems for Onshore Oil field
Electrical Control System for Central Distribution Sub-Station

Process Automation Solutions

World-leading operational technology and systems integration

Integrated Control Systems

Uniquely positioned to be a one-stop shop for all of your instrumentation and control needs, with expertise in all major PLC, DCS, SIS, and F&G platforms

Wellhead Solutions

Covering the entire lifecycle of surface, subsurface, and subsea wellhead systems anywhere in the world from frozen Arctic fields to scorching Middle Eastern deserts

Electrical Systems

Power supply, distribution, motor control, solar, and related electrical systems in skids and containerized buildings for easy deployment to project sites

SCADA Solutions

Comprehensive distributed monitoring and control applications for field operations, storage and material movement, and production facilities

Gas & Liquid Measurement

Control automation for storage and terminals with reliable and highly accurate solutions for fluid measurements, leak detection, and custody transfer

Field Services

From on-site commissioning and resident maintenance to remote troubleshooting and personnel training, our teams go the extra mile so you don’t have to

Digital Solutions

Unlocking the potential in your data to achieve operational excellence

OT Cybersecurity

Secure design and implementation of cybersecurity for operational-technology (OT) systems and networks at industrial plants, facilities, and remote sites

Industrial Analytics

Solutions built around the integration and connectivity of OT and IT data represented in targeted role-specific dashboards and reports to enhance decision support

Digital Operations Management

Performance and operations optimization solutions for different applications ranging from alarm management to advanced process control and condition-based maintenance

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