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Al Majal Business Parks, Basra – Iraq,
North Rumaila Field

40 meter street, near Hai Shorta round,
Erbil Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Iraq has the potential to become one of the largest producers of crude oil worldwide. INTECH is working in Iraq since 2005 and now has established offices in Basra as well as in Erbil. INTECH’s local presence in Iraq is in line with its mission of providing automation solutions to key global oil & gas markets. INTECH is registered as approved vendors with most national and multinational E&P companies operating there and has a decent install base in Basra, Kirkuk, and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The country operations are headed by a General Manager with support from a commercial and technical team reporting to him. The Iraq engineering team is trained, developed, experienced, and fully capable of managing and executing multiple automation projects at the same time maintain the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. INTECH Iraq is fully committed to develop, train, and promote a workforce that is majorly Iraqi national, this is in line with INTECH’s global nationalization policy to give back to the community we operate in.

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