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NEPRA-Compliant OT Cyber Security

Securing Pakistan’s Power Sector Against Cyber Threats

NEPRA Security of IT & OT Regulations 2022

In September 2022, NEPRA introduced Security of Information & Operational Technology Regulations for the power sector for proactively improving cybersecurity postures in the face of rising cyberattacks against national power generation assets & grids worldwide.

INTECH’s OT Cybersecurity Portfolio for defending power sector assets

With rising digitalization and connected enterprises, cyber-threat actors, over the past few years, have exploited hidden vulnerabilities in power industry OT systems with an alarming level of success globally. Major incidents resulted in disrupted national lives, financial & environmental damage, and institutions held hostage.
At INTECH, we understand the critical role of Pakistani power sector in driving the national economy, sustaining industry, and empowering communities. Our more than 30 years of experience with OT systems globally and our expertise in providing robust OT cybersecurity for large scale industries have enabled our clients in proactively dealing with cyber threats. Our cutting-edge OT cybersecurity solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of the power sector while building a resilient digital infrastructure and ensuring regulatory compliance to NEPRA’s guidelines.

Cyber-defense for power generation assets & networks begins here!

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We bridge the gap between safety and risk by suggesting solutions curated specific to your organizational needs. Forming our strategies around zero-trust principles further allows us to double down on system’s hardening, making it resolute in face of emerging cyber attacks

OT Cybersecurity Consultancy

Collaborative engagement for developing OT Cybersecurity strategies, policies, and governance

OT Cybersecurity Implementation

Deployment, remediation, and maintenance of OT Cybersecurity systems and assets

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