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OT Cybersecurity Webinar Series (Part 1)


Part 1: OT Cybersecurity Thought Process

Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Our webinar series is curated by our industry leading experts on cybersecurity and is a key resource to help you in self-evaluation and preparation for creating and implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity framework

Part 1 of the series focuses on getting started with OT cybersecurity and the thought process behind it. This session contextualizes the implementation of OT Cybersecurity by discussing the increased connectivity of the previously isolated OT systems to capitalize on the advantages on offer while simultaneously tackling the cybersecurity risks associated with the rewards that connectivity brings

The unprecedented connectivity has brought in unprecedented numbers of cybersecurity breaches, which are escalated by rising numbers of ICS vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the past couple of years, and propelled by highly motivated foul-players. The motivation is primarily financial, which adds to the ever-rising cost of recovering from a cyber-breach, along with significant, non-financial impacts; as seen in major industrial cybersecurity incidents this year.

This will lead us to a highly engaging discussion about OT Cybersecurity outlook, new attack vectors, and international & regional standards followed by a Q&A session with our experts.

Part One: OT Cybersecurity Thought Process

Originally broadcasted on 9th December, 2021

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