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Control & Electrical
Buildings and Skids

Customizable hybrid and standalone electrical buildings and skids with electrical systems and bundled automation, control, and instrumentation systems

Solutions for
Automation, Control,
and Power Systems

Large projects often get complex when coordinating with multiple contractors for different services. A major obstacle here is managing electrical and automation systems whose integrators traditionally come from different domains. INTECH helps reduce this complexity and speed up project execution by offering electrical systems bundled with automation systems in a single building or skid

Control-Electrical Building & Skids

Control/Electrical Buildings and Skids highlights

INTECH acts as a one-stop-shop for buildings and skids, minimizing the number of different contractors involved in your projects.

  • We build small to medium buildings and skids at our manufacturing facility in Dubai.
  • For larger projects, we perform fabrication and integration at construction sites.
  • Our holistic services include engineering design and construction for instrument, control, and electrical systems.
  • Our flexible skid designs can accommodate your required customization and are equipped with VFD, SS Panels, Bust Ducts, and Cable Trays.
  • We have CSIA and ISO-9001:2015 certified facility and can provide third-party certifications for explosion-proofing, hazardous areas, safety, etc.
  • We can ship to any project site or facility, including those in remote locations.
  • We eliminate coordination problems during project design and execution thus saving our clients valuable time and money.

Download our brochure to learn more about our electrical system offerings.

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Control/Electrical buildings and skids

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