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Terminal Units

Deployed in the harshest of climates – from the Arctic to Middle East – our RTUs are built for the extreme and can endure continuous operations for years

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INTECH has 25-years of experience in building equipment for hostile climates. Our Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) can withstand temperatures as high as 72C (160F) and as low as -40C (-40F). We develop our systems according to the most stringent industry and end-user standards ensuring excellent reliability and performance for the systems’ operational life and beyond

Remote Terminal Units

Remote Terminal Units’ highlights

INTECH adopts the same approach whether developing flagship control systems or RTUs. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and safety gives our customers peace of mind and confidence in the technology used on their well sites.

  • We design RTUs that excel at operating, communicating with, and securing well-sites.
  • We integrate remote Process Control Systems (PCS), telemetry, Safety Instruments System (SIS), and Fire & Gas (F&G) systems throughout RTUs.
  • Our solutions are hazardous area classified, powered through conventional or solar energy, as required.
  • Our multi-system approach, multi-discipline expertise gives us an edge over the rest in designing a solution that fits with your objectives.
  • We are vendor-neutral and can provide any solution in any environment regardless of existing installations and systems.

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Remote Terminal Units

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