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Use Case:
Field Operations
Management System for Utilities

Centralized Field Operations Management for addressing the unique safety and efficiency challenges faced by utilities companies

Digitalization approach to Utilities Field Operations Management

Taking a digitalization approach towards the usually work-intensive Utilities jobs, INTECH’s Field Operations Management System (FOMS) will help you gain unmatched visibility into your geographically disparate assets & field operations teams. We offer a centralized FOMS featuring event & geo tracking, work-order creation, and seamless integration to your existing systems. Highly customizable & scalable to your needs, you will experience an instant improvement in your field operations management with INTECH’s FOMS

INTECH addresses the most pressing

Utilities Industry Challenges

Extreme geodiversity of assets and disparate field locations

Complex execution procedures, switching programs etc.

Complicated workflows needing custom development

Limited coordination between different departments and teams

High risk to personnel safety due to limited coordination

Manual/tedious/paper-based reporting and work-order processing

INTECH Field Operations Management System

The Solution

A software tailored to your unique utilities operations context

Work order creation & management
Event and geo-location tracking
Scalable and modular deployment for expansion
Integration into ERP+CMMS+HSE systems
Central debriefing and logging
Decision-support dashboards and analytics
Bespoke workflow and business process automation
Secure multi-platform mobile and web applications
Visibility & benchmarking

Workflow Engine

Customizable and Configurable Workflows specific to Utilities Industry



  • Work order generation
  • Field team dispatch

Isolation (LO/TO)

  • Isolation request
  • De-energizing

Field Execution

  • Work execution
  • Safety document release


  • Re-energizing
  • Work order completion

Outcomes to look forward to

Our fully tailored software helps connect all your systems and workers in a collaborative ecosystem that delivers greater value than the sum of its parts

Operations Improvement

With enhanced visibility made available through digitalization and business process integration, you see a measurable and sustainable increase in operational performance.

Increased Safety

Get on top of your safety milestones with integrated safety documents, instructions, and extensive integration with your existing HSE systems and procedures

Enhanced Visibility

With fully interconnected personnel and processes, gain a clear view of overall operations with analytics driven insights into gaps, bottlenecks, and upcoming issues

One Stop Shop for Your Digitalization Journey

INTECH’s Value Proposition


Proficiency in Energy and Utility sectors


Adaptable to clients’ unique need and processes


Interface with any IT/OT environment, leveraging existing infrastructure


Subject-expert-driven application development and consultation


Built-in security practices in dev-ops


On-premises, on-cloud, and hybrid

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