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Integrated Control & Safety System for a gas processing facility

The customer operated Gas Field is located in the south-west of the Kohat Basin.There are about seven development wells on the field. Extracted fluid is processed through one of the facilities at Manzalia Gas Field and a facility at Gurguri. The average daily production of Manzalai Gas Field is 174 MMscf gas and 2,860 bbl condensate. The customer after considering the years of experience INTECH has while working for companies globally, called in INTECH for:

  1. Engineering, Design, Supply and Site Services for Distributed Control System (DCS)
  2. Engineering, Supply and Site Services of Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
  3. Engineering, Design and Supply of Remote Terminal Units (RTU) with CCTV system
  4. SCADA system integration with third party systems including compressors, generators, gas chromatograph, flow computer, sand monitor, AC/DC UPS & building fire alarm and Fiber optic base Ethernet TCP/IP backbone

INTECH based on its rich oil & gas domain knowledge, technological expertise and its vendor neutral approach to system design choose hardware that was best fit for customer needs & requirements. The system delivered was designed keeping in view the specific international safety, compliance and operational excellence standards specific to a gas processing facility. The hardware selected included:

  1. Process Control System – Yokogawa CS300
  2. Emergency Shutdown System – SIL3 rated HIMA QMR
  3. 06 Nos. RTU(s) for Wellhead surface facilities – HIMA QMR SIL3 based
  4. 04 Nos. RTU(s) for Valve Gathering stations – HIMA QMR SIL3 based

INTECH enables oil & gas facilities to optimally deploy and maintain automation solutions resulting in enhanced productivity, reliability, safety, compliance, and flexibility of the assets and the enterprise. INTECH has completed over 100 major upstream Oil & Gas automation projects for the top ten Exploration and Production companies globally. INTECH design philosophy is based on a vendor neutral, best fit automation solution approach to ensure safe, efficient and compliant operations.

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