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Main Automation Contractor for Onshore Central Oil Processing Facility Expansion Project

Kazakhstan, a country rich in natural resources, has oil reserves that are estimated to be 1.635 million bbl./day (2011 est.) and natural gas of about 20.2 billion cubic meter (2011 est.). The customer is a vertically integrated oil & gas group. It has a production of about 2.5 million tons of oil per year. The customer was expanding its facilities at Arskum, Kazalkiya, Kumkol regions. INTECH was called in for:

  1. Engineering, Design, Supply, Upgrade, Commissioning and Site Services for DCS, F&G, and HMI
  2. Engineering, Design, Supply, and Commissioning of Packaged Control Room and E-building
  3. Engineering, Design and Supply of Tank Radar System and associated construction work
  4. Data Integration for new compressors at CGF expansion along with Engineering and Supply of associated Fiber optics networking
  5. Government & State Approvals
  6. Comprehensive Project Management services including interface with other third party vendors

INTECH based on its rich oil & gas domain knowledge, technological expertise and its vendor neutral approach to system design choose hardware that was best fit for customer needs & requirements. The system delivered was designed keeping in view the specific international safety, compliance and operational excellence standards specific to a gas processing facility. The hardware selected included:

  1. Process Control System- Emerson Delta V
  2. Emergency Shutdown  and Fire &Gas System – Emerson Delta V
  3. Human Machine Interface – Emerson Delta V
  4. Terminals, IS barriers & Relays
  5. Tank Radar System – SAAB
  6. Packaged Control Room & E-Building

INTECH enables oil & gas facilities to optimally deploy and maintain automation solutions resulting in enhanced productivity, reliability, safety, compliance, and flexibility of the assets and the enterprise. INTECH has completed over 100 major upstream Oil & Gas automation projects for the top ten Exploration and Production companies globally. INTECH design philosophy is based on a vendor neutral, best fit automation solution approach to ensure safe, efficient and compliant operations.

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