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Fire and Gas Systems

Robust addressable and controller-based detection systems for fire hazards, gas leaks, and volatile fluid spills to protect your facilities against preventable disasters

your plant,
and equipment

INTECH Fire and Gas Systems meet the most stringent safety standards in order to protect plant, personnel, and equipment. We supply Fire and Gas systems for simple to complex plant operations, with detailed mapping studies for all applications. Our track record in the highly regulated Oil and Gas sector demonstrates our ability to work in the most hazardous environments

Fire & Gas Systems

Fire and Gas Systems Highlights

Our Fire & Gas systems help secure hundreds of facilities around the world against potential fire hazards and safety incidents from volatile substances.

  • Our network of 13 regional offices and manufacturing facility in Dubai allows us to deliver industry-leading Fire and Gas engineering solutions to any location.
  • Our panels and equipment are zone classified for intrinsic safety, compliant with and certifiable to industry and end-user standards.
  • We supply NEMA, ATEX and Ex certified panels with equipment rated up to SIL-3 for deployment in the most hazardous environments.
  • Our team of highly qualified and seasoned experts has project integration experience with all major Fire and Gas system vendors.
  • We follow strict testing procedures to ensure seamless commissioning with minimum interruption to operations.

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Fire & Gas Systems

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